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Reasons for Wedding Planning

– Inexperienced brides and grooms who lack the know-how to organize a complete wedding.
– Limited time to follow up with various wedding service providers.
– Lack of experience in managing the performance of different parties involved.


Bianca – Wedding Planner will be the companions of the bride and groom throughout the journey, sharing their worries, desires, addressing any arising issues, and overseeing all aspects of the wedding. The couple remains involved in the planning process, but they won’t have to worry about executing those ideas themselves, as Bianca takes care of most of the tasks.

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Experience Optimization

Wedding planning helps the bride and groom create an amazing experience for themselves and their guests. By setting a clear budget and exploring options for venues, attire, food, and entertainment, the couple can craft a wonderful wedding that meets everyone’s expectations. From selecting decor designs to choosing music and the program, every element is carefully considered to create a perfect wedding.

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Effective time management

Planning ahead allows you to manage your time effectively. You can create a schedule for essential tasks and responsibilities, such as selecting service providers, completing legal procedures, and attending wedding dress fittings. This helps you avoid pressure and feel confident that everything is well-prepared.

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Enjoy the Preparation

Reduce stress and pressure for you and your family. With a detailed plan in place, you can be confident that everything has been arranged in advance, and you can simply enjoy your wedding day in a relaxed and joyful manner.

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Consistency Guarantee

Bianca ensures that every element of the wedding harmonizes seamlessly. From decorations to the program and menu, each detail is carefully considered and arranged in advance to ensure cohesiveness and unity.

Service Details

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“Crafting an overall master plan for the wedding and diligently following up to meet all deadlines.”

wedding planning

“Providing advice and working with all wedding-related vendors: venues, makeup artists, attire, videography, and more.”

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“Offering consultation on wedding decor concepts.”

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“Creating the wedding program script and executing day-of coordination on the wedding day.”

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The creators of love stories for blissful couples

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With years of experience and passionate dedication, we work with you step by step on this journey of happiness. We understand that planning a wedding can be a complex process, but don't worry, we are ready to ensure that everything goes smoothly and wonderfully.